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Friends of the Children of Tanzania is dedicated to helping disabled and vulnerable children in Tanzania.

We fund operations and medical treatment for disabled children who need urgent medical attention. This includes restoring sight and hearing, operating on club feet and twisted limbs, and buying and fitting prosthetic limbs for amputees.

We sponsor secondary education for disabled and disadvantaged children and give them the opportunity to improve their lives.

The primary focus of FoCT is to provide life transforming assistance to vulnerable and disabled children. As well as helping these children with their educational needs, FoCT also supports preventative and curative care for poor children (and their carers) with disabilities.

FoCT work through existing Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's) to strengthen their existing operational capacities and enable them to reach all those children who are most in need of care and support.

Examples of our Work

  • Support the on-going educational needs of hundreds of children living with a wide range of disabilities (who would otherwise receive none).
  • Enable amputee children from very poor families to be fitted with prosthetic limbs and receive the necessary follow-up physiotherapy
  • Support children with medical issues to undergo preventative treatment to avoid the need for amputation.
  • Help with the training of village based community carers to provide support to those living with disabilities.

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