How Your Money Helps

enables FoCT to help an amputee to secure a new limb. Many children lose their limbs, or the use of them, due to a combination of factors, including polio, snake bites, road accidents and malnutrition. FoCT also assists the carers of children, usually a parent.

enables us to buy clothes and soap for up to 100 vulnerable children. Skin infection due to lack of soap is a common problem for many children in Tanzania

enables us to provide a nutritious meal to 100 vulnerable and destitute children. Malnourished children cannot learn properly and cannot behave normally – good nutrition is high on the list of priorities for FoCT and its local partners on the ground.

£25 a month
or a one off donation of £300, enables us to send a child to secondary school for a whole year whilst also meeting all their food, uniform, book and basic medical costs. FoCT sees secondary education, particularly of young girls, as the single most effective way of tackling the root causes of poverty and reducing the vulnerability of youth to succumbing to crime, prostitution and vagrancy.

buys a mattress for a disabled child at their boarding school. These need replacing every year, given the difficulty many of the children face reaching the toilet on their own. We need over 100 matresses per year!

£10 a month
enables us to send a kid to primary school for a whole year, and provide him/her with their uniform, books and pencils.

buys a mosquito net for a child. Malaria remains the biggest killer of children in Tanzania. We will make sure the net is delivered to a child who really needs it. £5 a month means 12 kids each year living and learning at greatly reduced risk!

FoCT’s big fundraising challenge throughout 2009 and 2010 is to raise £10,000 to build toilets and shower facilities to benefit over 300 disabled and vulnerable children.

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