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The children of tanzania

Friends of the Children of Tanzania was established in 2007 in the UK to support disabled and vulnerable orphans and their carers. The charity also provides education and medical care in the Lake Victoria region of North West Tanzania in East Africa.

We are a small charity, entirely voluntary. 100% of your contributions are directed at the projects in Tanzania.

We have NO UK OVERHEADS, setting us apart from many similar organisations.

Our aim is to improve the health, education and quality of life of disadvantaged children to help them reach their full potential.

Our main areas of focus are:

Mugeza school (one of the buildings)

School Bursary Fund.

We sponsor secondary education for orphaned, disabled and disadvantaged children. The state funds primary education for all, but only 20% of children go to secondary school. FoCT sees secondary education, particularly of young girls, as the single most effective way of tackling the root causes of poverty and reducing the vulnerability of youth to succumbing to crime, prostitution and vagrancy.

Jaipur Limb Centre

Operation fund.

We fund operations and medical treatment for disabled children who need urgent medical attention. This includes restoring sight and hearing, operating on club feet and twisted limbs, and buying and fitting prosthetic limbs for amputees.

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