Treatment for two mums

A mother with a cancerous growth on her neckDuring a mobile clinic session ran by Matthew and Izaas, 200 miles from Bukoba, they found two women with cancer that mothered 11 children between them. Unfortunately the mobile clinic didn’t have the facilities to treat them and they needed to go to Dar for several months for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can cost up to $2000 per patient and whilst our partners on the ground in Tanzania can fund some of the treatment, £2000 was needed from FoCT.

A lady with a cancerous growth on her jawAt the same time, Izaas had brought a Texan surgeon over for 3 weeks, and needed £8000 additional funds to facilitate children and adults access to orthopedic treatment through him. Izaas secured most of the funding himself from other sources, but there was a shortfall. 

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