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Kakuru and Ernesta’s Visit to Bukoba

Posted on Jun 13th, 2011 by

Kakuru chills at the beach, with our resident Rasta in the background strumming a few chords!

This past weekend, FoCT facilitated a weekend at the beach for two young people who are severely disabled. Kakuru has muscular dystrophy. His twin brother has already died of the condition. Ernesta suffers from multiple sclerosis. She was raped last year, and as a result has baby Faraja to look after. He is a real joy for her. Neither of them ever gets out of their homes, so FoCT and the Anglican programme KCBRP took them from their villages on the Rwanda border, down to the shores of Lake Victoria for a real weekend to remember.

Kakuru at homePicking up Kakuru from his village home – he never normally gets out of the house.

Ernesta at home with her 9month babyErnesta being collected from the tiny hut she lives in day in day out with her nine month old boy, Faraja. As you can see, the walls are now caving in.

A special word of thanks to Alex Howlett, Abby Mardon, Karen Marton and Jan Galloway for their tireless work in the UK that makes things like this happen! Also to the Anglican KCBRP team, for their tireless work serving the disabled community in Karagwe. Also to Chandrika Makwana for her support to Kakuru on an ongoing basis. And finally to Bridget Hathaway, for connecting FoCT to the Anglican programme and all these wonderful people.

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