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July Field Update

Posted on Jul 16th, 2011 by

It has been a busy couple of months for FoCT here in Tanzania. We've been conducting disability surveys in remote villages around Lake Victoria, and referring clients for medical assistance.

Nelson with his dad and two carers at the Uganda hospitalWe've been taking others to Uganda for life transforming treatment. We've been conducting mobile clinics in the villages to monitor the rehabilitation and progress of people with disabilities. We've also been supporting the annual planning and budgeting process of the Lutheran run street kids centre in Bukoba, whilst also working closely with local Government here to enhance their coordination capacities. We've also responded to emergencies such as the crocodile attack on Sharif, in which he lost his leg, while also undertaking regular hospital ward visits to support those kids that have undergone operations.

We are delighted to be able to expand the area we assist into the very poor district of Biharimulo.

Here are a few examples of our recent work:

  1. We worked in conjunction with other NGO's to screen for disablilites in the district of Biharimulo at the local Catholic Church. The work was organised by the Muslim NGO Izaas, in conjunction with the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, the Anglican Church, the local Government and FoCT. We screen over 400 clients in the three day survey!! As a result, over 40 people have undergone operations, funded by FoCT's local partner NGO, Izaas.
  2. Dr Amin from the Lutheran Church and funded by Izaas, conducted an ear surgery during the disability survey. We found many ear infections, which if left untreated, can lead to permanent hearing impairment and deafness.
  3. Clients with cleft lip identified during the disability survey, are now awating operations.
  4. We discovered a mother with a terrible goitre in her neck, which was inhibiting her ability to look after her orphaned grandson, so for the sake of the child, we agreed to assist. This is quite a common problem, where FoCT and its partners decide to intervene to support an adult in order to support the child who depends on that adult.
  5. FoCT agreed to help cover some of the costs involved with two little boys who have both undergone operations for club foot. We will be helping them with the costs of re-plastering the legs every two weeks and the bus fares to and from the hospital. Their mums are from very poor families.
  6. Some of our clients need specialist treatment and rehabilitation in Uganda. Nelson is one such case – he has had a bone infection, which if left untreated, can lead to amputation. In order to prevent this, Izaas has funded his treatment in Uganda, whilst FoCT has supported with a monitoring visit and his return transport from Uganda to Tanzania.
  7. Finally, we have been funding Sharif Abdulla, the crocodile attack victim who lost his leg. He is making a steady recovery. FoCT has been supporting his care and treatment at the hospital, and he will benefit later from a limb at the new prosthetic limb centre FoCT is helping to establish at the local hospital.
  8. A massive thanks to FoCT supporters who enable us to carry out this vital work.

We are working on registering FoCT in the United States as a charity, which is very exciting.

In August, FoCT's partners, 'Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope' (ELofH) will visit Tanzania to see FoCT's activities. ELofH will be represented by co-founder Victoria Bacon, and her husband, Richard Bacon MP.

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