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FoCT Update Report to ELofH on Grant Implementation Status

Posted on Oct 17th, 2011 by

In May 2011, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELofH) transmitted the sum of £25,000 to FoCT to support the establishment of a Jaipur Limb centre on the shores of Lake Victoria, and to establish “mobile clinics” to identify and prevent disabilities which can lead to limb amputation. The following are the key achievements to date:

  1. Construction of the Limb Centre itself has been completed at a total cost of £20,000.  The grant has contributed towards this construction funding, but the majority of construction related funding was sourced by FoCT’s partners (Catholic Diocese of Bukoba, Rotary Club UK, Izaas). In the next three months, FoCT is allocating portion of the ELofH grant to complete a covered walkway to enable amputees to reach the limb centre.
  2. Materials for the actual making of prosthetics have been purchased in India, and are now en route to Tanzania.  The Rotary Club has funded these materials, but the ELofH grant will help cover their transportation from Uganda to Tanzania.
  3. There are already amputee patients on the waiting list for prosthetics.  It is anticipated the first limbs will be fitted in the first quarter of 2012.
  4. Meanwhile, FoCT has worked through a facility in neighbouring Uganda to provide limbs to kids from North Western Tanzania (see report pasted below).
  5. FoCT has also used the grant to support the Anglican Church to undertake “mobile clinics”.  Village level volunteers have been mobilised to identify and monitor people with disabilities, with a special focus on children who are potentially at risk of amputation.
  6. Children have been treated who are suffering from osteomylitus, a debilitating bone disease that can lead to amputation.
  7. The grant has also been used to purchase 3 motorbikes to allow the community disability specialists to reach the outlying villages and support the village level volunteers. In addition, nine mountain bikes have been supplied to the village level volunteers to allow them to move around their allocated areas.
  8. This new “mobility” is enabling the community level volunteers to move around on a daily basis, visiting people with disabilities, undertaking key prevention work and referring clients for treatment as necessary.
  9. Motorbike accidents are increasingly causing a large number of accidents, some of which are leading to limb amputation.  FoCT therefore used the grant to undertake road safety training for motorbike drivers in Karagwe district in order to try to prevent accidents and amputations taking place.
  10. The grant has also been used to help strengthen overall coordination between the various organisations working on disability issues in the region, allowing them to refer clients to each other as appropriate. 
  11. In August 2011, FoCT also facilitated a field visit by Victoria and Richard Bacon of ELofH, who witnessed first-hand the activities outlined above (see attached field report).

Action Plan in Next Six Months

  1. Complete construction of access walkway to limb centre at Kagondo Hospital.
  2. Secure funding to install amputee friendly toilets at the limb centre.
  3. Secure funding to fully equip the limb centre (furniture, mirrors, rails etc)
  4. Commence actual fitting of limbs at the centre.
  5. Train hospital surgeons to enhance their orthopaedic skills in Uganda, including bone trimming.
  6. Continue undertaking mobile clinics, as well as accident prevention activities.
  7. Continue strengthening disability network in Kagera region with Government and faith based groups.
  8. Highlight FoCT and ELofH partnership at upcoming FoCT fundraising events
  9. Continue to capitalise on the ELofH field visit by Richard and Victoria Bacon to highlight disability/amputee issues through the media.

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