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Life Transforming support for children with disabling conditions

Posted on Dec 9th, 2011 by

FoCT’s main focus is supporting kids with disabilities, or kids with injuries/conditions that will develop into permanent disabilities if left untreated. We support the treatment of kids with a wide range of conditions, such as cleft lip, osteomylitus, club foot, limb dislocations etc.  Below are some extracts received from FoCT’s partners who implemented the work.

Johnston Joas

Johnston Joas, an 8 year old boy fell from a tree and fractured his right leg which resulted in osteomyelitis. After a long delay at home applying local medication, there was a clear danger of amputation, so Johnston needed quick intervention as his condition was growing worse each day. He was sent immediately to Uganda where he underwent surgery. After 6 weeks in hospital, he was discharged. FoCT’s money supported him with transport (both client & carer), surgery and hospitalisation.


Agneta is a 9 year old girl.  Her problem began with a very small wound on her left leg.  Over time, and as a result of poor infection control, an infection spread to the bone and led to the deformity of the leg.  We sent her to hospital 100 miles away where she had an operation and stayed to recover for a further 2 months. FoCT’s fund was used for transport (both Agneta and her carer), hospitalisation, food and surgery.


RevocatusRevocatus is a 14 year old boy who came to us with severe pains and discharging wounds. The boy had suffered from this problem for 2 years without medical attention.  We advised and assisted him to attend an orthopaedic clinic at the hospital 100 miles away.  After a physiotherapist has observed Revocatus, an operation was recommended, which his family could not afford.  He was operated and stayed in hospital


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