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Patients receiving treatment from £11k raised from ‘Swinging in the Fall’

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2011 by

As a result of our biggest fundraiser to date, 'Swinging in the Fall', these children are having vital operations funded by 'Friends of the Children of Tanzania' this November 2011.

We are working with one of our partners, Izzas, a Muslim charity, to bring over a USA orthopedic surgeon, Dr Schaeffer M.D, who gives his time free, and operates in the local hospital. Thereby, not only treating a large number of patients in a short period of time, but also passing on his knowledge and skills to the Tanzanian surgeons in the hospital.

Many of the patients have been identified by FoCT in our mobile out-reach clinics that function in very remote areas of NW Tanzania.

Our money covers the cost of the operation and hospital charges, travelling expenses to and from the hospital, food, board and lodging for both the patient and their carer.

You may find some of these pictures shocking.

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