School Kitchen Appeal - £5,000

The existing school kitchen

FoCT is appealing for £5000 in donations for Mugeza.  The school for disabled children is the only one in the whole of the North West of Tanzania. It supports 150 children with a wide range of disabilities who live at the school.

These disabilities range from children with a club foot, those who are affected by muscular and neurological disorders, to those who have had limbs amputated through illness or accidents.  There are also many albino children who are targeted for their limbs by Witch doctors. One albino child at the school has already had his left arm and right hand hacked off.

At a recent visit to the school in February 2011, the trustees identified an urgent need to replace the existing kitchen at the school, which is small, extremely unsafe and offers no modern cooking facilities. Three meals a day, for 150 children, are cooked on open firewood stoves in an old tin hut, with the wood stored inside in whatever space remains available.  There are also no flues or chimneys and the smoke from the open fires is very hazardous.

A new brick kitchen would be larger, safer and more secure.  FoCT would also include the installation of two fuel efficient stoves to help reduce the high cost of firewood. Open firewood stoves consume vast amounts of fuel, so the associated cost savings could be re-allocated to buy a wider variety of food and help reduce malnutrition.

The new kitchen and facilities would greatly improve the daily lives of 150 disabled children by creating a safe and clean environment in which to provide a greater choice of healthier meals.   A full breakdown of costs will be submitted once approval for the funding is given.

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