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Fundraising isn't supposed to be hard work; it's all about raising money and awareness for Friends of the Children of Tanzania and at the same time, having some fun!! If you want to do your bit for FoCT, check out our list of fundraising ideas from bake sales to a sponsored skydive.

Hold an Event

An evening of entertainment- Barbeque, Barn dance, Bingo, Blind Date evening, Concert, Disco, Dinner dance, Film premiere, Fashion show, Halloween Party, International themed evening, Jazz night, Line-dancing, Karaoke competition, Midsummer Masked ball, Murder Mystery dinner, Magic show, New Year's Eve party, Easter party, Underwear party, Christmas fair, Wine tasting, Valentines ball, Pantomime, Top of the Pops show, Slave auction, Rapping contest, Tombola/Quiz/Raffle, to name but a few...

And something for the day- Barbeque, Garden party, Highland Games, 'It's a knock-out' competition, Non- uniform day, Silly games afternoon, Coffee morning, Egg and Spoon race, Easter egg hunt, Plant sale, Skateboard display, Santa's grotto, Tea party, Teddy Bear's picnic, Treasure hunt, University Challenge, Go-Karting.

Bring and Buy/Car Boot/Jumble Sale- Have a clean out of your wardrobe and loft and get selling. You could even charge other people to set up their own stalls.

Cake Sale- Bake up a storm in the kitchen and sell your cakes wherever you can.

Twister-a-thon- Get sponsored to play an all-day game of Twister with your mates. People will donate more if you're doing it in a public place - your embarrassment is always worth a few quid.

Video-a-thon- Rent a bunch of classic movies and play them back-to-back for 24 hours. Print schedules and hand them out to your friends and acquaintances. Charge per film and don't skimp on the popcorn.

Fairs, fetes, bazaars- Hire a big space and let your imagination go crazy. Set up a coconut shy, apple bobbing stand, races and white elephant stalls.

Hold a sporting event

Dance/Aerobic/Zumb-a-thon- Break out the leotard and leg warmers and get physical.

Jog/Swim/Cycle/Row-a-thon- Get sponsored for every mile you cycle, swim or run.

Cricket/Football/Rugby Match- Organise enough people to make up two teams and get them to pay a small amount to take part. Charge spectators for tickers and organise a raffle at half time and get prizes donated by local businesses. For extra crowd-pulling power, play in drag...

Badminton/Netball/Rounders/Squash/Tennis/Volleyball/Pool tournament- People pay to enter, and the winner gets a prize donated by a local business.

Races- Be imaginative - think sack-races, baby races, electric wheelchair races, stilletto races... charge people for entry and get a local company to donate a prize.

Unicycle Racing- Helps if your friends can ride unicycles.

Yacht Race- People who own yachts aren't short of a bob or two, right? So get them to shell out to enter a yacht race, with fun prizes for the winners.

Abseil- Get a group of people to abseil down a local building in aid of your cause. You are likely to get press coverage for this type of fundraising event too.

BMX bike display- Raid your local skate park for skater boys and organise a display for them. Invite the press to your fundraising event and promote it locally. Charge people to watch and try to swing some discount at a local skate shop for those that take part.

Fun Run- Get sponsored to take part in an organised race - or organise your own where you live.

Penalty shoot-out competition- People pay to enter and the winner gets a prize. Get a sports shop to donate the prize.

Parachute- Get sponsored to do a parachute jump, people are paying for you to risk your life...or face a fear.

As an individual...

Beard/Head Shaving- Grab a few hairy marys and shave them. Not just for fun - fundraise by getting people to sponsor them to go through with it. You can shave heads, beards, backs or legs... the possibilities are great.

Busking- Busk on the street with your didgeridoo/guitar/voice. Note: a certain amount of talent is necessary if you want to earn more than a couple of bottle-tops and some evil looks.

Car Washing- Grab some willing friends and get knocking on your neighbour's doors. Tell them why you are offering to wash their car - to fund you gap year - and chances are, they'll gladly stump up a bit of cash.

Give up a vice- Whether it be smoking, biting your toenails or your daily choccie bar - get sponsored to give it up for a set period - or ask people to sponsor you per day. Then you could rake in wads of cash!

Odd Job Days- Lawn-mowing, DIY, carrying shopping, walking dogs... offer your services in the neighbourhood - no job too small. Dress in a superhero costume to get noticed.

Read-a-thon- Get sponsored to read books - this works best if you're someone who never normally reads.

Sponsored Silence- Could you talk for England? Reckon your family and friends would pay good money to shut you up for a day? A sponsored silence is a really easy fundraising activity to organise, and can make you a fair bit of money.

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